Robson Contracting: Our Process

Efficient, environmentally responsible construction methods
and products offer sustainable solutions for the future.

Choosing resource-efficient products for the construction and operation of your swimming pool is a forward-thinking choice for both your family and the environment. Robson Contracting is constantly exploring new technologies to provide our customers with a wide array of sustainable options.

pool finishing and plastersAN ENERGY EFFICIENT INVESTMENT

Whether new environmental laws in your area require a certain percentage of alternative energy for operation and heating, or if it is your choice to have a lower environmental impact, we will work with you to create an efficient and easy-to-operate system for your swimming pool. In addition to systems that use alternative energies, we also have access to pumps and heaters that use far less energy than traditional pool and spa equipment. These systems can lessen resource usage and energy costs.

pool finishing and plastersNATURAL ALTERNATIVES TO CHEMICALS

New technologies can also reduce the amount of harsh chemicals needed to keep swimming water safe and clean. Salt and ozone generators are highly effective in treating water, and reduce the cost of constant chemical use. In particular, the need for halogen chemicals (chlorine and bromine) can be reduced or eliminated, making the water safer for your skin, your health, and the environment.

eco-friendly pool and spa products


Whenever possible, we strive to use raw materials with a lower carbon footprint and a more responsible production process, such as “green” concrete. This includes concrete that has fly ash added to it to reduce the amount of highly processed cement needed, and that has a lower sulfur content to reduce greenhouse gas output during production.


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